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Tag: productivity

Coding in the Age of Distraction

I must have seen a hundred blog posts suggesting that the best way to become more productive is to minimise distractions: Switch off IM, disconnect the phone, block out quiet time, get a private office and so on. While I’m sure that these would be of benefit, sometimes distraction is inevitable. I could switch off IM, email and my phone but I happen to work at the desk next to my boss. Convenient as it may be, my boss does not come with an off switch. Also, priorities happen. I may believe that my ‘in the zone’ coding time is golden and must not be interrupted on pain of code diva tantrum. However, if the production server goes down then scheduling a fix next week is just not good enough. Finally, I do on occasion like to stop work for the day and go home. A good night’s sleep is definitely a distraction from work but also I think quite important.

It’s certainly worthwhile arranging your environment and schedule so as to minimise distractions. But it is also important to accept that distraction will happen and to plan for it.