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Month: July 2010

Maven 1 to Maven 2

I’ve been using Maven 1 for close on to five years now.  I’ve been meaning to upgrade to Maven 2 for pretty much all of that time but never quite got round to it. A combination of my starting work on a new project and finding some nasty bugs in Maven 1  has finally nudged me towards Maven 2.

Surprisingly, in my team of around a dozen developers, we’ve had only minimal exposure to Maven 2. Everyone has stuck loyally to the now completely obsolete and unsupported Maven 1. I think everyone hopes someone else will do the hard work first.

As we have dozens of build projects in our repo I can’t migrate them all at once. I’m just doing my project and its immediate dependencies. Unfortunately, this causes problems for the old Maven 1 projects as Maven 2 repos are not compatible with Maven 1. So during the transition period I must ensure that both old style Maven 1 projects and new style Maven 2 projects have access to their dependencies from one or other of the repos.