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Month: October 2010

When it’s time to move on

You’re a problem solver. You’re one of these people who will pick up a rope that’s gotten all tangled up and spend an entire day untangling it because it’s a challenge, because it defies your sense of order in the universe and because you can. – Sometimes I try to picture you sitting on a beach with absolutely nothing to do… The picture always ends with your head imploding.
— Delenn, Babylon 5 – Epiphanies

In an attempt to stop my head imploding, I’ve decided to leave my current job. I’ve spent the last three years solving some great problems and untangling a whole heap of stuff. Just recently I’ve begun to feel that I’ve gotten everything in order and there’s just nothing left to straighten out.

Tapestry Quickstart

As preparation for a recent interview, I decided to attempt to download, install and run an example Tapestry web application. I set aside a couple of hours to get this going. I expected to have to download an installation bundle, extract it, run an installer, install some dependencies, install and configure a webserver, start some services, write some code, debug, swear a bit then give up and just read an online tutorial.

As it happens, all you need is Maven 2. Running two goals with no particular config will download Tapestry and all dependencies, build and deploy a sample webapp and then run it in a webserver (which it will install too!).