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Coding in the Age of Distraction

I’ve started adopting Test Driven Development (TDD) practices over the last year or so and discovered an unexpected benefit: failing tests are a great placeholder for your thoughts when you get distracted.

When it’s time to move on

Being settled in a routine seems dangerous in an industry that deals largely with managing change.

Bugs part 3: Don’t shoot the messenger

Anything we can do to get bugs shifted into the ‘good thing’ category must be worthwhile.

Bugs part 2: Towards perfection

While the error rate of a developer is a useful indicator of ability, a better one is how they react when they make a mistake.

Bugs part 1: Don’t mention the war

My boss wants bug-free software. Bugs make my boss unhappy. Therefore, my boss will be happier if he doesn’t know about the bugs.

Less is More and other cliches

You may be able to stick a balloon to a wall with static, but I wouldn’t try hanging shelves off it.

Mr Tidy Socks

Is it a spoon? Does it have spoon-like qualities? Could I perform standard spoon operations on it?

Why? (Part 1)

Your knowledge is nought compared to my towering forgetfulness